My Hygge Winter Survival Kit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Oh no wait, that was Christmas. Six am alarm going off in the pitch black, car insurance, car tax and an MOT to pay for made January massively suck!

I also ripped my favourite jeans at work (awkward) and my  ASBO needing cat Tibby decided to have yet another scrap with the local neighbourhood cats and got herself an eye infection. Ten fights, resulting in multiple scratches trying to get eye drops in and a painful vet bill later, I had well and truly had enough of you January.

I am always a little sad taking down the Christmas decorations. I love how cosy they make the house look and it feeds my addiction to fairy lights and candles nicely. Luckily one of my gifts included ‘The Little Book of Hygge’. Hygge- beg your pardon?  It took me a good week to start pronouncing it properly too don’t worry. So the teacher in me will teach you how to say it phonetically, its pronounced h-oo-g-er.


Hygge originated from Denmark and simply means the feeling of ‘cosiness’. Whether it’s being snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa, lighting candles, eating your favourite meal with loved ones or turning on a few fairy lights. It’s that feeling of wellbeing and contentment. So my love for buying cushions, cosy blankets, candles and fairy lights now has an official name and I am going with it!


After a long, cold, rainy day at work I love getting home and having a nice hot shower . Cosy clothes on, my next step is always a cup of tea. Yes I am British and yes I simply LOVE tea! Armed with a cuppa I light a few candles and switch on a few fairy lights around the house. This instantly makes me relax and unwind. A quick episode of The Real Housewives (Beverly Hills is my absolute favourite) in secret before my boyfriend gets home from work and I am hygge!

I say ‘secret’ but I have since been busted. I tried to explain why I love watching it (easy viewing and outrageous behaviour from grown women) but alas he wasn’t convinced. He does however approve of hygge. It’s only when he insists on having the lights on full beam during dinner that I have ever uttered the words ‘you are spoiling my hygge’.



So that’s hyyge taken care of, let’s talk about winter skincare.


My skin does not like winter. I am prone to dry skin and eczema so it needs taking care of all year round but especially during the cold months. I have spent years trying to find the perfect products that work for me and I think I have a pretty good routine now.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me is my go to shower gel. I have previously avoided scented products as this is a red flag for eczema, but my skin loves it. It is a beautifully smelling rich creamy gel with built in body lotion and I have been using it for three years now. A definite keeper.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Soothing Hydrating Lotion (delicate oat, oat milk and almond) is a new find. I used the ‘delicate oat’ shampoo and conditioner and really liked the scent so when I saw they had a body lotion I snapped it up. It says it’s for dry and sensitive skin but so do all Dove products and they are possibly the worst thing to put on my skin! I have been using it for well over six months now and again it’s a keeper. It is so soothing, soaks into the skin without leaving you greasy and smells gorgeous.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream has become a winter staple for years now. It’s simply magic. I first heard about if from a friend who’s mother had used it for every kind of ailment for her growing up. Whether it was sore, dry, cracked lips, grazed knees, burns or dry skin Elizabeth Arden would do her trick. Now this stuff is not cheap but it does last you a long time (I have had my little tube for two years).  It has a very thick consistency so you only need the smallest amount. If you are tempted by this go for scent free…the original STINKS!


For my face I use my trusty three products. Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Facial Serum by Soap & Glory. Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eye Cream by Soap & Glory and Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream.

After a good cleanse (post about cleansing soon) I apply my serum. I tend to only use it in the evenings so it can work it’s magic overnight. I use it because it gives my skin that extra boost of moisture it needs after being blasted by winter. Of course, if you are feeling fancy you can use it in the morning too.

I then apply my eye cream. I started using an eye cream in my twenties as the skin under my eyes became quite dry and my concealer was beginning to look a bit patchy. This eye cream does the trick and although is quite a thick consistency, soaks in quickly.

My third and favourite face product is my trusty face cream. Anything that says ‘rich cream’ draws my eye and this stuff is my best friend during winter. It is gloriously thick and soothing. It soaks in quickly, so when that six am alarm goes off you’re not waiting ages before applying foundation.

Now I am no expert in skincare but I have found what works for me. This is after years of trial and error as well as reading blogs and watching YouTube. My first find was the make-up artist Lisa Eldridge.  As a well known make-up artist I began watching her make-up tutorials and was hooked. I later found that she was somewhat of an expert in skincare too.

My second most recent find was Caroline Hirons a skincare expert and facialist. This lady knows her stuff and is not shy of saying what she thinks. She offers great advise on products to use and is hilarious to watch on YouTube. She also has a tea addition so it was a perfect match.

If you are after new products but are unsure of whether to splash the cash or not and follow the hype, I urge you to read up on their blogs or find them on YouTube.



Now February is here arm yourself with tea and cocktails, candles, fairy lights, some good skincare and Bridget Jones’s Baby on DVD.

Power through my friends and see you on the other side.

Clair x



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